Some Interesting Attractions in Darca

There are many interesting Attractions in Darca. The region is an active archaeological area; it was one of the earliest archaeological sites in the Western Hemisphere. You can enjoy the wonders of nature and the old world at this place. Tourists from all over the globe visit Darca. The major tourist attractions in Darca are Mustafa Pahora Waterfall, Fethiye Mosque, Gokova Top, Ayios Dimitrios Church and Mokumey Mosque. These tourist spots are not only great sightseeing locations, but they also provide a good opportunity to get a cheap hotel room in Darca, Turkey.

Attractions in Darca

Mustafa Pahora Waterfall is the main attraction of Mustafa Pahora Beach. It is located in the south of Darca. This waterfall is formed by the action of water on the limestone hills. This waterfall provides an excellent view of the sea and the beach.

If you love waterfalls then you must visit Mustafa Pahora Waterfall. You can also enjoy swimming in the pool of the waterfall. This waterfall is very popular among the tourists. People come to this place for a romantic moment with their loved ones or for the purpose of visiting the sea god.

A visit to Gokova Top is a must for the tourist who has an interest in history. The topography of this place is such that you can observe the civilisations that were there at one point of time. The Paphian people lived in this place. The ruins of the Paphian monuments can be seen here. Tourist can find some ancient remains like a theatre and a temple in Gokova Top.

Ayios Dimitrios Church is a place where the old people of this region can be found. Tourist can enjoy the atmosphere of this church. You can see some exotic plants in the church. The church consists of a main building and two smaller buildings. Tourist can also find a lot of churches in Darca.

Darca is a beautiful and charming place. You can enjoy your holidays by spending time in this place. You can also have a romantic life if you prefer to spend it in this place. You can choose the best accommodation options from resorts and hotels of Darca.

The food of Darca is very good and there are a number of restaurants in Darca. If you like to explore nightlife in Darca, you will find a lot of it here. There are bars and pubs of Darca. Tourist can have delicious food on a budget.

There is also a market in Darca. Tourists can buy and sell things at the market. Tourists can also enjoy a traditional dance. This market is held on Fridays.

You can also visit the National Archaeological Museum in Darca. Here you can enjoy the cultural activities. The museum has an educational section. It is the home of historical artifacts.