The Best Beaches in Portugal – Albufeira

Attractions in Albufeira

The Best Beaches in Portugal – Albufeira

Traveling to Albufeira is one of the most popular trips in Portugal, especially for those seeking a relaxing and scenic holiday. Albufeira lies on the coast of the famed Douro River and is an idyllic village with lovely sandy beaches and beautiful idyllic views. From exploring the narrow streets and alleys of Old Town to conquering a giant castle, rock climbing, dolphin watching and shopping, here are the top 20 best Albufeira attractions for visitors. These wonderful beach resorts in Portugal have something for everyone, no matter what their age.

Albufeira’s best beaches are located on the east side of the town and stretches for approximately two kilometers west of the harbor. The beaches in Albufeira are separated into three distinct districts: the urban area, the outlying areas and the countryside. The rural areas are simply beautiful with idyllic landscapes and picturesque villages surrounded by water and lush green fields. Tourists coming to Albufeira for the first time are often awed by the tranquilizing ambiance and beauty of the coastline and fishing village as they travel along the seafront and through the narrow lanes of Albufeira’s ancient cobbled streets.

The towns of Albufeira and Santa Justa sit at the western end of the coast with the city of Porto di Imperia on the northern end and the fishing village of Albufeira on the eastern end. Portuguese settlement began in the Albufeira fishing village which was located on the northern end of the town and was joined to the rest of the towns by the narrow sea path. These days there are a wide range of restaurants and cafes in the fishing village of Albufeira, where visitors can try traditional Portugal dishes and drinks like the Albufeira wine, homemade platters of meat and vegetables or just relax and enjoy the exquisite scenery.

The Albufeira beach is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Here tourists can enjoy the exquisite views of the coast line and the numerous water sports that are offered here. Most of the beaches are accessible by an easy boat from the Portuguese fishing village of Leirao do Guincho, which is only about 5 km from the town center. This Portuguese fishing village is home to several luxury and budget hotels that offer great accommodation facilities along with access to the world-class spa and water sports.

Albufeira’s magnificent coastline is also perfect for water sports and other fun-filled activities. There are many wonderful water sports and activities which can be enjoyed by the entire family and friends. One of the favorite water sports in Albufeira is sailing, which can be enjoyed by individuals and families every time of the day. Sailing can be enjoyed by people who are experts at sailing or those who are interested in learning the art of sailing. The marina de Albufeira is the best place where you can learn the basics of sailing. Several sailing courses and schools are located around the marina.

Albufeira’s topography is divided into three different parts namely the Praia Da Gama, the Albufeira Island, and the Marmaris Island. Among these three, the Praia Da Gama is considered to be the best beaches in Portugal. It is considered to be a natural reserve, which is home to some of the rare species of animals and plants. The Marmaris Island is considered to be the ideal destination for spending your holidays because it offers serenity and privacy.