Travel to Varadero, Croatia – Holidays in the Adriatic

Travel to Varadin

Travel to Varadero, Croatia – Holidays in the Adriatic

Travel to Varadin as a vacation and enjoy the beautiful coastal village of Varadin. This delightful location is only 60 miles long from Kvarner, your starting point when traveling to Croatia. The beautiful and tranquil beaches are not only filled with European sunbathers but are also frequented by those who enjoy water sports. You can choose to stay at one of the many hotels in Varadin, or you can rent a traveler’s lodge that is located a bit further out on the shore. Either way, you will be treated to spectacular views of the coastline and can explore the many ports, beaches, and islands along the coast.

If you love boating, you will want to plan your vacation so you can take a cruise of the Adriatic Sea. You will be able to find many cruises traveling along the Adriatic coastline, taking you all over the beautiful Croatian region. If you would prefer to spend your days sailing Varadin while on your trip, you may wish to hire a skipper to help you out for the day or two you are sailing. When it comes to sailing, the best places to look are in the Croatian town of Pula and Kvarner Bay, which offer a variety of sailboat companies. The Sailing Turkey Coaster Company can help you with any questions you have about sailing Turkey and the Adriatic.

If you like hiking, you will be glad to know that you can visit a number of stunning locations while on a vacation in Croatia. The Triglav National Park and the Muhamedno-Kojic Mountains are highly regarded by outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. In the summer months, you can hike the Kornati River and at nighttime, you may enjoy the Triglav Lantern Festival. Hiking is an activity enjoyed both by families and adults, and you will find plenty of guided tours and parks in and around Dubrovnik and Pula.

For culture lovers, cultural trips to Split and Pula are recommended. There are numerous museums in Split and Pula, such as the Franciscan Church and the National Museum. You may even like to join a folk dance festival at the Baga Waterfront. And while you’re in Split or Pula, why not try visiting the Skopelag Cave?

If you like shopping, you will find plenty of boutiques and independent shops in Pula and Dubrovnik. Some towns in the area have several small shopping streets, while others have large open “mall” or “brick and mortar” stores. The Pula Central Market, for example, features a wide variety of fresh produce, specialty foods and over 100 international food stalls.

While in Pula or Dubrovnik, you may also want to visit the beautiful Old Town Square, the Museum of Sea and Oceania, the Town Museum, the Saint Nicholas Church, the Dubrovnik Cathedral and Podhumeji Church. And of course, you can’t forget to take a river cruise on the Dalmatian coast. All in all, if you are planning a trip to Dubrovnik or Pula, you are sure to find plenty to do and see. Just be sure to book your trip in advance, because these places get extremely packed during high holiday periods. And then prepare to enjoy the most incredible seaside view!