Some Interesting Attractions in Bikaner

One of the best-known travel destinations in Rajasthan, Bikaner is renowned for its palaces and monuments. It is located near the desert of Thar. The town is well known for the Palace of Junagarh, a massive complex of ornately designed buildings and grand halls. Within the palace, the Museum showcases old brass and iron statues of great Kings.

Attractions in Bikaner

Not far from Bikaner, one can get an insight into the lifestyle of Rajputs from the heritage hotels and guest houses of Bikaner. The Shekhawati region has many Bikaner fort and palace guest houses that provide a glimpse into the life of Rajputs. The Bikaner Fort and the Shekhawati region have many heritage hotels and bed and breakfast that are a good deal for any tourist attractions in Bikaner. The Shekhawati region also has bikaner forts and palaces that offer good tourist attractions in Bikaner.

Some other popular tourist places in Bikaner include the Mehrangarh Fort and the City Palace. Mehrangarh Fort is the main attraction of Bikaner as it is located near the railway station. Mehrangarh Fort was built during the Mughal period and it has a gate that is over two meters high. The other interesting place in Bikaner that offers a great view of Thar Desert is the City Palace. The City Palace is constructed entirely of white marble and it has several guest houses and hotels that make it the best time to visit Bikaner.

There are many things for enjoyment in and around Bikaner. camel safaris are one of the major attractions in Bikaner. The desert and its waves provide a wonderful way of enjoying the sun and sand along with your pet. Camel safaris are popular all over the world and it has even become a new tourism venture in Rajasthan. One can enjoy the best time on a camel safari in Bikaner and see the shimmering sands, lovely meadows and the graceful camels.

There are also some luxury camels in Bikaner and they offer luxury and comfort to the tourists. One can hire these camels and cruise over the desert of Bikaner, which is surrounded by luxuriant trees and palms. It is an excellent way to enjoy the natural beauty of Bikaner and the lovely lake and the shimmering sand dunes.

There are many other attractions in and around Bikaner like the Sam Sand Dunes National Park and the Sandakan Desert National Park. These parks provide tourists with some amazing experiences. They can visit the Sam Sand Dunes and spend the day on the beach or have a picnic there. Sandakan Desert National Park offers tourists a taste of Rajasthan’s wildlife. A birding tour of Bikaner can also be arranged through tour operators.