Travel to Khachmaz

You will have no doubt heard of Khachmaz, the largest city in Azarbouzstan, where Olympic games were held during 1988. It is a large city in a mountainous region and is surrounded by the river Caspian Sea. The journey from Minsk starts from Minsk railway station and you can get yourself picked up by a train from there.

You may want to travel by train because this is the easiest way to get around. Once you reach Khachmaz you will be able to pick up a coach that takes you to the resort. The hotels and resorts are all situated on the Caspian Sea with an open-air terrace in many of them. There are plenty of places for shopping in Khachmaz as well as many eating places.

It is possible to get around through buses but these can be very crowded and they often do not run on time. The most comfortable and convenient way of travelling across the desert and to Minsk is by car. The experience is comparable to that of being in the mountains. There are no motorised traffic and you drive on the left hand side of the road. If you are travelling with your family or another group of friends, it is a good idea to book a group tour to ensure that everyone can get to where they need to go.

When you arrive in Khachmaz you can decide to stay in a hotel or try to rent a vehicle to head out to the resorts. You can even travel on foot if you are able to make it across the desert on foot. The trip from Minsk to the resorts in Khachmaz takes about four days, but you may be able to cut this down if you plan your trip properly.

If you are travelling from Minsk by train then you need to make sure that you get some Russian travel visas before you leave. The nearest visa office to Minsk is located at the very southern part of town. It is a fairly simple procedure to apply for a Russian visa. Once you have successfully applied for a Russian visa, you will be required to stay in the country for six months. If you are unable to remain in the country for this period you will be unable to apply for a Russian visa to travel abroad again.

The best way to prepare for your trip to Khachmaz is to book your hotel in advance and arrange your Russian visa. This will help to reduce the number of days you spend travelling around Khachmaz. Make sure you speak Russian and understand basic terms such as kilobytes and pints when you are using public transport. If you are able to speak and read Russian, you will find that travelling around this beautiful region of Moldova is much easier than you might imagine.