Attractions in Rize, Turkey

Attractions in Rize

Attractions in Rize, Turkey

Attractions in Rize are some of the most picturesque towns that you will visit while you are on vacation in Turkey. Located on the Black Sea coast, the town has plenty of wonderful attractions to see and enjoy. If you are looking for a trip to Turkey that will make your memory last for a lifetime, then travel to Rize and enjoy all of its great adventures that will leave you craving for more once you get home.

If you want to enjoy a great beachfront environment, then the Beaches of Rize is where you need to start. With all the beautiful white sand beaches available, you will be able to enjoy sun bathing, surfing, and other water sports. There is also plenty of fun stuff to do at the Beaches including visiting the Turkish bath houses, renting the Turkey’s own “Yurt,” enjoying the Turkish waters and relaxing on a Turkish daydream yacht ride. This will definitely be one trip that you will never forget.

If you are interested in experiencing a more modern type of attraction while you are on your trip to Rize, then you should consider traveling to the Beaches of Rize and checking out its newest attraction: the Rize City Water Park. The water park offers an array of attractions for both kids and adults and you will be sure to get your fill of water-based fun while you are in Rize City. One of the coolest things about this park is that it allows you to spend the day enjoying the various water slides while you immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings of this outdoor art park. You can even take a day trip to the Marmaris Lighthouse and enjoy the marvelous views of this old world town.

If you are more into entertainment than getting wet, then you will enjoy the Rize City amusement parks. The Rize City amusement park is probably the largest in Turkey and is located just a short walk from the Beaches of Rize, so you can easily drop by and take a look at the shows. Some of the attractions you can check out at the Rize City amusement parks include the Rixenrock Waterpark and the Rize City Shooting Gallery. Both of these places allow you to enjoy free family entertainment while you relax at the same time. If you love music then you will love the Rixenrock Waterpark as it has several live music acts performing during the day and also comedy acts during the night.

Turkey is a wonderful country and you will want to spend a lot of your time exploring the area. If you are a nature lover, then you will enjoy the Beaches of Rize as they are located right near the Beaches of Pirin. Although there are not a lot of nature attractions in Rize City, there are still plenty of interesting ones that you will enjoy seeing. One of these is the Rize City Experience wherein tourists can get a chance to explore the city through a bus tour. Another attraction in Rize City is the Rize City Zoo, which is home to numerous species of birds and also exotic mammals. This natural park offers an educational experience for children as well as an enjoyable one for adults.

If you want to spend some time in the wild then you might want to visit the Rorate City Jungle where you can enjoy close encounters with animals and other fascinating sights. In addition, you can spend a few days enjoying the different water parks in Rize City and Rize Island which is part of the Rize City Marine Park. With everything that there is to offer, you will definitely have a great time while visiting this unique city in Turkey. So go ahead and explore the different attractions in Rize.