What to See and Do While on Your Trip to Izu

Attractions in Izki

What to See and Do While on Your Trip to Izu

The Izki Island, situated in the Sultanate of Oman, is a very popular tourist destination and an Attraction in Izki takes you on a journey to a World Heritage Site. The island is well known for its beaches, natural and scenic beauty, resorts, hotels, etc. It is popular for its tourism and the government has made it a holiday destination to encourage travelers. The tourism industry is the main source of income for Oman. The tourism infrastructure has been developed over the years to develop an attractive tourism infrastructure for visitors. The local people are friendly and the tourism infrastructure has helped them build their own communities.

There are many different Attractions in Iziki that make your trip to this island worth your time and money. Some of these include: the Wakil Idol, the Githopadesha Temple, the Oman Blue Mosque and the Al-Sayed mosque. These are some of the main tourism attractions in the area and are available for visitors to visit. The tourism industry is thriving in Oman and visitors have a variety of attractions to choose from while on their visit to the island.

The Githopadesha Temple is located in the Old City of Oman and is dedicated to Githopadesha, the Hindu God of knowledge and learning. The Githopadesha Temple is considered to be the oldest building in Oman and many tourists come to the island just to walk around and take a look at the temple. Besides the temple you can also visit the Madinat al-Khruba, the tomb of the Omani King Faisal bin Muhammad bin Affan and Al-Azhar Mosque. The Wakil Idol is a large stone statue of a woman who is considered to be the guardian of the holy Idol. The Githopadesha Temple is open to visitors all year round and during the months of Ramadan and fasting you can see the miracle of the girl walking on the moon.

While on the island you can spend some time at the many beaches which are equally perfect for water sports as well as walking and sightseeing. However, if you do not want to go for any of these then the most ideal option would be to spend some time fishing in the waters of the Izu peninsular. You can catch many varieties of fish including Marlin, Sailfish, Halibut and Yellowfin Tuna. There are plenty of resorts and companies that offer fishing trips and you can choose one depending on your budget and catch. One thing you should make sure is that you get your rods cleaned before you leave because any dirt that is left can affect your fishing.

Attractions in Izu are not limited to fishing alone; you can visit several interesting sites around the island. Attractions in Izu include the Al-Gabel Waterfall, the Desert Safari and the Wild Cat Safari. You can go for camping with the locals at one of the many campsites in Izu and enjoy the hospitality of the local people. There are also several interesting shops and restaurants to visit while on your trip and you can shop locally or visit some of the famous tourist spots nearby.

The weather is quite unpredictable in the region, so prepare yourself for a few rainy days as well. If you are visiting in the summer months then you can expect sunny weather as well as plenty of touristy activities. The peak tourist season in Izu is from mid June to mid September and this is the time when many visitors from western countries visit this island. So come early and book your stay online so that you can get the best deals!