What to See on Holiday in Fortin & Bermuda

If you are planning a vacation to the coastal town of Trinidad and Tobago then you will definitely want to consider visiting the Attractions in Point Fortin. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the island. In case you have never visited the island then you will probably be pleasantly surprised by what you find here. The main attraction of the area is the Banyan Tree, which is a national treasure. Other interesting things to see include the Old Fort, the Pirates Ship, and the Lighthouse.

Attractions in Point Fortin

The Attractions in Point Fortin can be divided into two sections, Old Town and the New Town. The Old Fort lies adjacent to the city of Trinidad and Tobago. This fort was built during the reign of Queen Victoria and has been beautifully preserved by the local history society. Queen Victoria was fond of the Caribbean and it can be seen that she often had regal style hotels built here on the island.

The other section of the Attractions in Point Fortin, which you must visit during your trip there is the New Town. This is where you will find all of the fine dining and shopping options as well as many of the resorts. You will find all sorts of little shops here that sell everything from fresh produce to handmade jewellery to native art. There is also the wonderfully tasting Caribbean cuisine available here. If you are looking for something a little bit different then you will definitely want to try the Caribbean jerk chicken.

If you are interested in underwater life then you will also want to visit the Underwater World. You will see many beautiful creatures swimming around. In this world you can learn about the marine ecosystem and even go snorkeling or diving into the depths. On the bottom you will also be able to see the unusual sponges and coral. This is a great day out for all ages and there is plenty to do so you may wish to plan it into your vacation.

As, well as the Attractions in Point Fortin there are a whole host of other activities that you can plan to do on this lovely island. If you are looking for a great family activity then you should consider taking the kids to the Fortin Botanical Gardens. They have interactive exhibits and they also host an annual tree-lighting ceremony. The gardens also play musical concerts at various times of the year and there are also boat trips available to enjoy on the water.

Attractions in Point Fortin also include visits to the Marine Research and Education Centre, the Marine Museum and the Petersburg Historical Museum. All of these are within walking distance and you can see many of the historical sights here. If you are more interested in natural history then you will find that the Fortin Museum features a number of different exhibits and history books on the area. It is a very good place to start if you are touring this region.