Attractions in Rize Turkey

Attractions in Rize

Attractions in Rize Turkey

Attractions in Rize are unique and best enjoyed by spending time there. The fascinating places to see in Rize Turkey are the Marmaris Mountain, the Mountain Churches, the City Walls and Byzantine Temples. The Island of Rize and its surrounding coast are visited by a large number of tourists during the summer months. There is a lot to do at Rize; this resort and surrounding areas are especially known for the delightful sights it has to offer. The resorts in Rize are mostly family friendly and cater to all types of interests. Most resorts are situated near attractive beaches so that families can have a day out on the seaside.

The Marmaris Mountain is the name given to a mountain located on the northern tip of the island. It is believed to have been formed through the eruption of Mount Agunci volcano which is located on the island’s southern coast. The Marmaris Mountain has four peaks and the highest peak is 16 kilometres away. A cable car can take you to the top and you can also enjoy the breathtaking view from the base.

The Marmaris Coastline and Dikmas Bay are perfect places to enjoy the sun while relaxing on the sandy beaches. In addition to the beautiful beaches, you can enjoy sailing, water skiing or wakeboarding. You can find luxury yachts, charming bars and restaurants dotted along the coastline so that you can enjoy your time even more.

If you are looking for adventure with your trip to Rize Turkey, then the Island of Rize will not disappoint you. This island is very close to the mainland and you can easily walk to the nearest airport. There is an airport on the western side of the island so you will not need to rent a boat to visit this exciting destination.

The most popular attraction on Rize is of course Rize Cruises. You can try out different activities like wakeboarding, jet skiing, windsurfing or parasailing among many others. You can even hire a motorcycle and drive around this amazing place. You can do all these activities during your lunch break or in your leisure time. Rize Cruises provides complimentary breakfast on board so you do not have to worry about getting some food to eat on the ship.

In order to fully experience all the exciting activities, you will need to bring your camera with you. It is advised that you get a camera that is waterproof and durable. The weather on Rize is unpredictable so you must have a camera that will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. You can enjoy great views from the tops of mountains as well as the clear waters of the sea. Remember to bring your camera with you when visiting Turkey so you can have fun and capture the memories that will last a lifetime.