Travel to Gebze For a Spectacular Holiday

Gebze is a coastal city in southern Turkey close to the Syrian border. The most sensible time to go to Gebze is in the months of July to September depending on normal temperature and humidity. It is a must visit for all caravans and other outdoor enthusiasts especially if you are planning a long holiday. There are plenty of things to do in Gebze, Turkey. The best time for the trip is from late summer to early fall depending on the weather.

Travel to Gebze

The primary attraction to Gebze is of course the magnificent coastline with its sandy beaches in the surrounding dunes. These beaches are part of the Gebze Tourism Industry and a great attraction for any tourists visiting Gebze. Nearby to the coasts of Gebze is the City of Marmaris also called as “The Old Town”. It is a major tourist center for anyone interested in history, architecture or anything else. Marmaris has it all.

As mentioned, the most famous attraction in Gebze is its beaches with turquoise blue waters and white sand near the coast and in the heart of Gebze is the beautiful island of Kinali. This is a small secluded island with all the facilities that one needs for a pleasant stay. It’s well maintained and safe place for a nice family outing.

If you’re into water sports Gebze is the place for you. The resorts are world class and have everything you need for a fun filled vacation. You can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, windsurfing, kayaking, catamaranning and swimming. Gebze offers several activities for children as well as adults who love water sports. If you’re a golf or tennis fan then you will be in heaven during your trip to this beautiful place.

If you prefer to relax then a trip to the spa is perfect for you. The spas of Gebze are world famous and many of them have relaxing therapies available to customers. For the more energetic customer there are horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking and mountain climbing. These all are accessible and near the resorts where you can enjoy your trip to Gebze.

When considering what to do when you travel to Gebze there are a few things that come to mind instantly. Travel to Gebze and enjoy exploring the magnificent landscape and the amazing marine life. Go scuba diving or parasailing or take a horseback ride on one of the many trails in the area. Go swimming or rent a scuba suit and enjoy swimming in the beautiful seas and seaside resort areas.