What to See on Your Holidays in Albufeira

Albufeira is an idyllic resort town on the eastern end of Portugal’s Mediterranean Coast, famed for its picturesque natural settings, excellent diving, fantastic water sports, and its exciting nightlife. It is also frequented by visitors looking for some excitement in the lap of nature and to try some off-road driving that is unique in Portugal. It is the perfect place to visit during any time of the year, although the peak tourist season is from late June to late September. The average temperature during the summer is about 9 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can get as high as 14 during the winter months. The good thing about visiting Albufeira is that it is never far away from the Portuguese heartland, and you will be able to reach it even while travelling on one of Portugal’s well-known coastal motorways – the busiest route linking Albufeira to the rest of Portugal is the Santo Estazol Portugal.

Attractions in Albufeira

One of the popular tourist attractions in Albufeira are the breathtaking views of the coastline and the breathtaking views of the Albufeira bay and the surrounding area. There are numerous beautiful and secluded beaches in Albufeira and these include, Coura da Barra, Lagao De Los Machos, Estoril Beach, Alvor de Morada, Farinado Beach, Pura do Guincho, Cala da Barra, Marista, Pedreira, Belem, Figueira and Tarifa. Other beautiful beaches of Portugal include Colon, Calahonda, Murcia, Manaus, Barcelos and Moreirense. Apart from the breathtakingly beautiful beaches, Albufeira also offers a variety of other tourist attractions like the interesting architectural buildings, extraordinary landscapes, the marvelous towns and villages, the magnificent sea beaches, the rich cultural heritage and the interesting animal reserves. The animals that are found in Albufeira include the dolphin, the river eel and the sea lions.

Tourists can have an exciting time sightseeing at any time of the day in Albufeira, because there are a lot of interesting sites and sights available near the city. Tourists can find some amazing water sports such as river rafting, jet skiing, windsurfing, catamaranning, paragliding and many other sports including sailing. For those people who love the great game of golf, there are two golf courses in Albufeira town which have beautiful scenery and are also surrounded by stunning seaside cliffs. Golf courses are situated near the Vilamoura and the Cabo de Rocha waterfalls.

For people who love sea sports, there are a lot of options for them to choose from like jet skiing, windsurfing, fishing, paragliding and there is also a port in Albufeira for those boating enthusiasts. If you love Portuguese food, then you will not be disappointed because there are a lot of restaurants and cafes where locals prepare their dishes using local ingredients. The restaurants in the area are very famous all over Portugal and tourists from all over the world try to visit these places during their holidays in Albufeira. There are bars and clubs in the old port area as well as modern bars and nightclubs where young men go to enjoy themselves.

In Albufeira on the Albufeira coast there is a natural beauty that tourists who come here should not miss. Albufeira’s Old Town has a very old feel to it and the view from the top of the hill gives a breathtaking view of the coastline. The old town was built in the 13th century and was one of the important centres of Portugal’s fishing industry. There is also the Albufeira beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and it attracts a lot of British tourists as well.

Albufeira has a lot to offer even before you set out for your vacation. There is a great range of hotels in Albufeira which can give you the right kind of accommodation that you need. There are cheap options as well as more expensive ones and you can get a good idea about what kind of accommodation you are looking for by checking out the available options in your town. Other places worth visiting on the Albufeira coast include Santa Justa, the village of Alvor and the towns of Ribas and Estoril.