Pleases in Kytha – A Perfect Travel Destination

The town of places in Kythrea is a famous travel destination for its beautiful beaches. On one side there is the peaceful Larnaca bay with crystal clear water. In the background you can see old fortresses and archaeological sites that are as much a part of the history of this region as they are of the tourism industry. There are plenty of lovely hotels, restaurants and places to stay while on holiday in this region of Cyprus.

Pleaces in Kythrea

The great thing about this region is that it is one of the most affordable places to travel to while you are on holiday. Although you can get there by car or by air, one of the best ways to travel to Larnaca is by road and if you do not want to spend too much money on transportation, then this is a great way to go. There are plenty of great roads in and out of Larnaca that make this a great journey not only for tourism purposes but also because of the rich culture and ancient ruins that are part of the local heritage of this region.

When you are on your journey to this seaside resort city you will encounter plenty of great things to do. One of the most enjoyable activities that you can participate in while you are in Larnaca is parasailing. There are two good places that you can go when you want to experience parasailing and they are located just six miles from the town center. This is a fun activity that anyone can enjoy and it is one of the reasons why it has been growing in popularity over the years.

Another great thing about a trip to Larnaca is that it is very close to the island of Kos, which means that you will never have to travel too far from where you are staying. For those traveling on a budget, this is the real savings. There is no better way to experience the great culture and history of Cyprus than to spend some time there while you are on holiday. Many people come back to Cyprus every year with their families because they love the relaxed atmosphere that it has to offer.

Another popular attraction in Larnaca that you will find is the Hippocrates’ Tree. This tree has great significance for those who are Christians as it marks the site where St. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine grew up. While you are taking a walk near the Hippocrates’ Tree you can also experience great fresh air. The country is known for its hospitality and everyone that goes there is treated like royalty.

There are plenty of other activities that you can take part in as you explore the lovely surroundings of Larnaca. It is not unusual for families to stay in one of the hotels that are located along the beachfront. They can then easily spend some time relaxing while watching the waves come and go. You will also find plenty of restaurants and cafes that offer you delicious meals during your stay.