The Fun World of Bikaner

Attractions in Bikaner

The Fun World of Bikaner

Bikaner, located on the Rajasthan-India border, is one of the most popular Attractions in India. It is also called the Camel City or Camel Country because it’s bordered by the Thar Desert and lies on the route of the famous Golden Triangle Tour. It is well-known among tourists for its amazing camel safari. In addition, Bikaner has many royal gardens, forts and palaces, heritage temples and monuments.

Bikaner: This royal town is located in the northern part of Rajasthan state. It is surrounded by the Thar Desert on all sides. The city is popular for its 16th-century Junagarh Fort, a large complex of majestic buildings and halls, and several other royal museums.

The Junagarh Fort has been converted into a world heritage site. Bikaner’s Mughal Gardens is an example of the beautiful desert landscapes. The heritage hotel of Bikaner is an example of regal grandeur. The hotel’s lobby possesses a gate that leads to the desert encircled by lush green gardens. Within the hotel, there are separate gardens and fountains, along with a small indoor aquarium. The luxury hotel provides visitors with a beautiful indoor pool and a fitness room as well as a restaurant.

Dharamshala national research centre: The main attraction of Bikaner city is the Dharamshala National Research Centre. The centre houses more than 400 artifacts, including a rare replica of a Jain temple. This museum is home to a wide range of artifacts that include pottery, sculptures, stone inscriptions, stone etchings, leather works, textiles, metals, and a large collection of jewels. The museum also houses the only surviving specimen of human teeth from the Indus Valley Civilization. Besides, it houses the only botanical garden in Rajasthan.

Attractions in Bikaner: To enjoy a fun experience, visitors are required to keep a few things in mind while visiting Attractions in Bikaner. Since the city is located on the highway, visiting various tourist attractions at different times of the day is required to avoid the tourist attractions getting overcrowded. One must note the difference between the timings of visit for sightseeing and for enjoying the water park.

For those who plan to travel in a group, it is required to note the arrival and departure timings of the train as well as the bus. In addition, one should know the exact timings of the wildlife sanctuary tours and the Jeep safari tour. Most of the biker tourist places have their own hotels that offer comfortable accommodation to the tourists. Therefore, tourists do not have to worry about accommodation while enjoying their vacation. These hotels arrange various arrangements, ranging from food and excursions, to room service and transport.