Trip to Dijon – A Luxurious Place For the Intrepid Traveler

A Lyon trip to Dijon would certainly include a visit to one of the most famous wine regions in France. It’s a beautiful part of France, situated along the Mediterranean coast. Dijon sits proudly alongside the southern shore of Lac du Meuse. The city is famous for it’s rich history and gorgeous country properties, it is no surprise that a trip to Dijon has become very popular over the last few years. So with such a lovely location, what can you expect from a holiday in Dijon?

Trip to Dijon

A typical day trip to Dijon would consist of walking and tasting throughout the vineyards; this part of France is synonymous with the French wines of the region. The region itself spans over some 5 counties including Meuse, Dijon and Tours. So there are lots of opportunities for interesting walks or to simply stop off at a French country house and sample a lovely meal. In the centre of town you will find several award winning vineyards. Most visitors are advised to try the white and rose wines from the Meuse area before moving on to the more traditional burgundy offerings of Dijon and Les Alpilles.

Some of the most popular French wine producers in the Loire Valley are Les Baumes, Bordeaux-Roussillon, Chateauneuf-en-Auxois, Collioure and Domperno. For something completely different try the fabulous English pubs and restaurants at Horsemarket Street. You can even try a pint of local beer at the famous Leichtenhof beer hall. So if you love wine but also like the nightlife then you’ll be able to enjoy a very pleasurable stay in Dijon, France.

When planning your trip to Dijon, you need to decide if you would like to stay in one of the many fine hotels or if you prefer a more rustic and country life. Many tourists love staying in small and cozy houses in the countryside and enjoy cooking their own meals with the help of a local cook. For these types of tourist the food is often prepared by the owner and served to them when they arrive at the chateau. If this sounds appealing to you then you should take a look at some of the fine dining restaurants and fine wineries in Dijon. Some of the most popular French restaurants in Dijon are: La Trattoria de la Meuse, Bistro du Monde, Le Burger Brasserie and the Le Sougey Restaurant.

A very popular day trip with families is the journey on The Pays de la Loire. It’s an ideal destination for families as it gives you the chance to explore some of the spectacular scenery that is found in northern France. You can opt for a short two or three day trip if you are only visiting for a couple of days or you can choose to go for a longer holiday with several days. One of the most popular attractions in Dijon that you won’t want to miss is the famous Pays de la Loire. Here you will see the River Loire, which originates in Avignon and flows through the area and eventually into its destination, Dijon-sur-Mer.

Whether you’re traveling to France for the weekend or a couple of weeks there is plenty to interest you in Dijon. Dijon -sur-Mer has a rich history and some fabulous locations that you can visit including the historic city of Dijon, the Loire Valley and its historic burgundy, the Meuse River. If you have never visited France before a trip to Dijon-sur-Mer is an ideal opportunity to discover what France has to offer both in terms of culture and gastronomy.