Attractions in Point, Western Australia

The enchanting Trinidad and Tobago Islands Attractions in Point Fortin, Trinidad and Tobago are varied and amazing. You can take part in activities like bird watching, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, swimming and visiting to the several beaches that this island has to offer tourists. This island is one of the top tourist destinations of the Caribbean islands. There are several tourist attractions in the area. These attractions are located in various places and they are all connected with each other.

Attractions in Point Fortin

The Blue Mountain Aerial Tramway is one of the most breathtaking adventures that you can have while visiting to the place. It is one of the best ways to see the scenery of this beautiful island. You can also visit the Monkey Forest and have fun in the company of monkey. You can also enjoy a delicious Caribbean cuisine while staying at the Royal Garden in the Monkey Forest.

The Cable Beach Resort is another attraction in Point where tourists can enjoy swimming in the warm water and tanning under the sun. This is a very relaxing attraction that will take you to a world of wonderment. There are also some great sightseeing spots in the vicinity. You can visit to the Monkey Forest, Lave River, and Fort William National Park.

For those who want to go on a culinary trip, the Cable Beach Restaurant is the perfect place for them. This restaurant will surely make your mouth water and your taste buds tingle. You can choose from one of the wide variety of seafood restaurants. This is one of the best places for dining while on a vacation trip in the region.

There is also a casino in Point which attracts many visitors. There are two casinos in this place which provide a variety of games including poker and roulette. The roulette and the poker provide you with exciting games so that you can enjoy the trip to Point. If you want to have fun while playing these games, you can rent a machine and have some fortune. However, if you do not have money in your pocket, you can simply enjoy a game here or even enjoy the snacks served on the premises.

Another great attraction in Point is the Woodard Zoo and Marine Reserve. This is one of the oldest zoos in Western Australia and it has been maintaining the resident animals in good health. There are several types of wildlife and fauna that you can see in the reserve. The only problem with this attraction is that it is only open during the peak tourist season.