Varadin, Norway – A Historical Travel Guide

Travel to Varadin, a town in the foothills of Dalmatia, as you embark on your next holiday. Travel to this small Adriatic coastal town is located on the southern tip of the Croatian island of Croatia and experience a delightful stay in Radenciac, the old town located s at the foothills of the Adriatic sea. The coastal seacoast of Adriatic sea provides you a great chance to explore and find the rich and varied cultural history of Croatian Islands. Varadin is the second largest town in the Adriatic region of Croatia. You can start your trip in Radenciac and visit the historical and tourist attractions of nearby towns.

Travel to Varadin

Travel from Radenciac to Varadin and you will find a beautiful beach side resort just off the coast. This is the only hotel in the town. It is a two star hotel but it offers all the comforts of home. You have a choice of staying in the hotel which has an outdoor swimming pool or a beachfront accommodation where you can enjoy the serenity of the sea and surrounding environment. You can also choose from a variety of restaurants serving various Mediterranean dishes along with continental food. Book one room in this resort for your complete trip.

If you like nature, Varadin is an ideal place for nature lovers. There are several interesting paths that wind around the hilly terrain. If you wish to visit the sunken ship, Varadin Lighthouse, you should visit the village of Kvarner, which is on a sandy peninsula at the western end of town. The view of Kvarner from the lighthouse is breathtaking. You will also get a glimpse of the Black Sea coast from the beach side of Kvarner.

Travel on the road from Kvarner to Varadin and you will come across a medieval town that has a tower that resembles the towers of the medieval cities of Europe. The town is populated by about ten thousand people. These people are well known for the high quality of wood furniture and their crafts. The most fascinating thing about Varadin is that you will find more than one church in the city. In addition to these, there are many beautiful gardens that add to the natural beauty of the region.

Travel to the coast and you will come across the Roman Catholic Church with St. Anne Church on board the boat. It is one of the best preserved churches in the region. This is the main church in Varadin and tourists usually line up to have their photograph taken with the Madonna. While on the coast, you can also travel to the medieval village of Pula where you can go shopping or take part in sports like kayaking and sailing.

When you have researched the various destinations that you have chosen for your vacation, it is time to travel to Varadin. There are various types of transportation from your resort to this medieval town. Your resort may even provide you with a taxi service. However, if you prefer to travel by your own means, you can hire a horse or a donkey to take you around the town. Varadin is a fascinating place that offers fantastic views and interesting facts about its history. Once you explore all that Varadin has to offer, you will never want to go anywhere else!