Top Attractions in Akhisar

Akhisar is a rather small seaside resort town in Southern Turkey and is easily explored with an hour’s drive. There are so many attractions to explore and many things to see in this seaside town. In fact, this entire town is thought to be the beginning to the lovely Dalaman coast line. However, if you’re looking for more of a culture shock, there are other small towns along the coast that are equally enchanting and offer even more attractions and entertainment. With a little bit of planning, you’ll be able to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of Akhisar and make it the perfect destination for a fantastic holiday in Turkey.

For travelers who want to travel to Turkey’s mostly coastal region, many attractions are found along the shores of Akhisar. Some of the most popular beaches to discover in the small Turkish resort town are Bazaar, Dokki Gashi, Dokki Cetin, Cacabuna and Oktay. All these offers entertainment and relaxation during the long hot summer months. If you’re visiting during the winter, however, you can experience a more cultural experience as each of these towns has a small historical tradition attached to it.

For people interested in experiencing a different side of life in Turkey, one of the best ways to do so is by visiting the natural attractions in Akhisar. These towns aren’t just about nature and scenery, though, as they also offer a great deal of history and culture to visitors. For example, the historic district of Kinaliada is home to the world’s oldest university, thebey of Nusertin. The Blue Mosque is another great attraction, as is the tomb of Suleyman Bey Murat, the fifth century BC Turkish sailor and philosopher.

One of the most impressive structures in Akhisar, perhaps, is the 16th century kunay kumpar, or castle. It is a structure that stands on its own, surrounded by a strong fortress wall that was built almost entirely by local villagers in the seventeenth century. The ruins of the fort and its surrounding area contain many great attractions, including the ruins of the kunaykumpar, the main gate (Bekah) and the surrounding village. If you enjoy archaeology and the occasional hike, you will likely enjoy exploring the old parts of the kunaykumpar.

While there are certainly some modern establishments in the small Turkish town of Akhisar, one of the best ways to get around is by using your own bicycle. Bicycles make an ideal mode of transportation in the region, as it is easy to get to many of the cultural heritage attractions and the shops located along the way. On your journey, stop at various places that appeal to you. At Bekah, for instance, you will find a beautiful and lively market that features a number of stalls selling local fruits and vegetables. At the end of the day, after you have consumed a hot cup of tea at the charming Bekah tea house, you can continue your journey by traveling to the village of Taurus, where you will find the tomb of a Sufi saint, which is also home to a small museum.

One of the most popular forms of transportation in Akhisar happens to be rickshaws. Buses in the region are regularly spotted traveling the streets and delivering people to various destinations. For a different kind of experience, try out the ride of the dervish rickshaws. These vehicles rarely pick up tourists but are actually perfect for sightseeing and for riding through the natural attractions in the region. There are two famous routes in Akhisar; the northern route that start from Sangla and covers the towns of Chhatri and Satkhanda, while the southern route, which begins from Sangla and covers the towns of Sherpur, Pushkar and Jodhpur.