Travel to Quimper, France

Travel to Quimper

Travel to Quimper, France

A small town in the beautiful French Alps is Travel to Quimper. This town has been a favorite tourist destination for generations of travelers. The lush mountains that surround the town provide travelers with endless opportunities for outdoor fun, adventure and relaxation. The town draws families, couples, adventure seekers, honeymooners and anyone else who enjoy visiting new places.

A quick trip north from Paris will take you right into the heart of the mountains. The entire region is protected as a national nature reserve. Travel to Quimper is a great way to see some of the most amazing scenery in all of France. The landscape of the area is diverse. It includes rolling hills, forests and fields with little in the way of human habitation. Some of the most stunning scenery in the entire country can be found here.

The town of Quimper is about three hours from the historic city of Paris. You can see much of the country from this small mountain town. You will be able to enjoy a quaint, rural feel even during the busiest times of the year. Travel to Quimper during off peak seasons and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and friendly people.

While you are traveling through the majestic mountains and valleys of the northern part of the country, make sure to stop in at one of the many quaint little shops that are scattered throughout the countryside. Chances are you will find old fashioned quilts, handmade candies, fruit and cheese truffles and locally made bread. These shops are filled with interesting offerings from around the world. You might also want to visit one of the many little cafes in town and try a specialty espresso or cappuccino.

One of the most popular attractions in the area is the historic Quimper Castle. Built in the late eighteen hundreds for the nobleman Sir Richard Quimper, the castle is one of the most popular attractions in the area. You can visit the grounds at night and see how the light bounces off of the castle walls. If you love history, you will truly enjoy exploring the narrow cobblestone streets of Quimper. The lovely gardens are filled with plants and herbs. The hotel that is located in the center of town actually serves as a museum of the rich history of the area.

When you travel to Quimper, it will help you see French culture at its best. You will see French furniture, tapestries and paintings in every room of the hotel. There are even French restaurants within the hotel that serve food from all over France. This will allow you to sample many different foods and cuisines from all over the country. You can truly say that you have the greatest opportunity to travel to a foreign country and immerse yourself in a new culture when you travel to Quimper.