Things to See and Do in Tours

When it comes to exciting holidays, few can match the charm of France with its fascinating attractions and enchanting culture. From classic architecture to amazing arts and crafts, France has much to offer both holidaymakers and historians. But where do you start when planning your next holiday? Why not head for a fascinating trip through some of Europe’s major attractions?

Attractions in Tours

Tours de France is an exciting university town along the Loire River between France’s southern Cher and Loire province. Once a Gallic-Roman settlement, it has been a popular tourist destination and a key cultural gateway for investigating the splendour of the medieval chateau of Savoy. Major attractions include the historic cathedral, Saint-Gatien and Mont Saint Michel, whose colourful Gothic facade is flanked by impressive towers with Gothic bases and Renaissance top. The Batignolles de l’Arcy, the city’s central park, is a great place for taking in the sights of Paris and its exciting nightlife. Tourists are often amazed by the quiet of the old town, where small shops sell local produce and craft, and the catacombs, containing burial sites of several high-profile French kings, are a haunting reminder of the town’s rich history.

For a more spiritual journey, try the tours de la Cautere. This historic route starts in the medieval town of Amboise and covers the beautiful Loire Valley. The area is characterised by medieval villages, cobbled streets and beautiful historic buildings – all set against stunning Loire countryside. Pass through Amboise, Perneau and Amboise-sur-Mer before heading for Champagne, one of the world’s most famous wine regions. Loire wine is also renowned for its quality and this region has been home to some of the best vintages. Other attractions include the historic Chateau de la Grange, which boast its award-winning cellar and farmhouses; the historic Chateau des Fousses, a stunning farmhouse retreat on the Loire River; and the historic St Emilion, situated near Nantes in the south of France.

If you prefer a quieter way to see Paris and its other attractions in Tours, try some of the more outlying and rural attractions in the Loire valley. The region is characterised by some of France’s most interesting buildings and castles, and is an ideal stop off on any tour of Paris. Loire Valley tours combine village visits with strolling and river boat rides around some of its most picturesque towns and villages. Visit Amboise, Perneau and Amboise-sur-Mer before taking your train from the chic Gisors to Paris and the historic centre of Saint-Germain cathedral.

If you love hot-air ballooning then you will definitely want to try a hot-air balloon ride in the Loire valley. There are two big tour companies that offer hot-air balloon rides, and one of them even allows you to take a look at some of the more historic sites in the area. Some of these include the Chamforts Palace, the Chateau de Versailles, the Pays de la Loire, the Musee des Beaux-arts de Loire-sur-Mer and the Museeux des Beaux-arts de Loire-ologne.

If you love medieval times, then you will also love the medieval village of Amboise. Here, you can go on a walking tour through the villages and take a look at the medieval town. To enjoy a bit of history, you can visit one of the cloisters, or you can go on a boat trip along the Loire River. In addition to visiting the villages, you can also try some shopping in the small towns around the region, including Perpignan, Chateauneuf-en-Auxois, Courmayeur and Avignon. The unique thing about France is that you really get to experience different cultures from all over the country, and in this case, it starts with the region known as Loire.